First of many busy weekends

We have 2 art/craft shows booked for this weekend, which I’m really looking forward to. On Saturday we have the Erin Church Craft Fair. It’s our first time doing this show but I think it should be pretty good. We’ve heard it gets very busy so here’s hoping!!

Our next event on Sunday will be at the Tranzac club – The Artisan Gift Fair. We have now done this show since our very first season (3 years ago). It’s usually quite steady with traffic and seems to be our perfect clientele. We have actually learned a lot from this event. We have learned about some do’s & don’ts about our table display as well as taken some client feedback and turned it into some really great product ideas! That’s really what it’s all about. Getting out there, listening to your customers and continually growing.

So, if your in the neighborhood for either of these craft shows you should stop in and say “hello!”

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Christmas Art & Craft Shows!

table setupWell the Christmas season is almost here and the art & craft shows are starting!! I’m really looking forward to another fun season of setting up at all the local shows to sell our stuff that we have worked so hard on.

One of the things that makes doing these shows so fun is to see how well our new products do. Since we have only been doing this for 3 years or so, every show we do, we have something new to offer, display and hopefully sell :) Still being fairly new we are constantly trying to improve our display, product and overall presence in the crafting community. Once of the very best rewards is going to these art/craft shows and hearing feedback direct from our customers. Honestly, if it wasn’t for our customers feedback, we wouldn’t have half of the products we do today!

Some new stuff to look out for this holiday season is: Christmas Tree Ornaments, Slumped Recycled Bottles (which can be used for serving plates/dishes), Ice-Cream Cone pendants, Cupcake pendants (some even have sprinkles!) Butterfly pendants, lots of new plates, bowls & serving dishes, spoon rests, ash-trays and lots lots more!!!

We have also worked hard on expanding our product line to include great gifts for men & boys as well as women of all ages. And as always… gifts start at only $5.00!!

I hope to see you at our upcoming shows!

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Aventurine Glass

Aventurine Glass (or what we call “glitter glass”), simply put, consists of tiny octahedral crystals of copper dispersed in the glass to created a glittering appearance.

Aventurine GlassThe birth and invention of aventurine glass is credited to an Italian family of glassmakers by the name of Miotti. They created this special glass in the mid 17th century and it soon become prized and envied. Their process for creating the glass remained a closely guarded secret for many years, and at first they held exclusive rights to produce it.

Fortunately, the secret of aventurine glass was finally “outed.” Essentially, the glass was combined with copper or copper salts. When the glass melted and cooled, these mineral deposits would clump together to created a gold-flecked and shiny appearance on the glass. As is common with most glass, the glass itself had no color, but the additional minerals added could create varying colors like green, blue and black (currently the only colours available to us to purchase).

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It’s ALIVE! Welcome to our NEW website!

Our NEW website is finally launched!

Now you can shop easily and checkout via PayPal (and you don’t even need to have a PayPal account), browse our new products, photo gallery, see what events we have scheduled, read our blog and lots more!

Thanks so much for all the hard work of Adrian Marceau (PlutoLighthouse.NET) who did all of the AMAZING programming, site architecture and fancy shmancy CMS. Some of the photos were taken by me, but the good ones were taken by Laura Gallella from Toronto. Thanks!!

We will continue to add new products (it’s a long process) and gallery photos so please feel free to check back regularly.

Thanks for all of the support!! xoxo

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How is glass made?

Sand, soda ash and lime are heated up to very high temperatures in a furnace to become a great syrupy mass. When allowed to cool it becomes glass, which retains many of the properties of a liquid.

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Glass: liquid or solid…?!

One of the things that makes glass a unique material is that it’s actually considered a liquid — glass is known as “the fourth state of matter” because it has no solid or gaseous state. Even though windows and wine goblets seem to be solid, the glass they’re made of is actually a supercooled liquid whose molecules are moving very, very slowly.

As glass heats up in the kiln, its liquid nature becomes visible. At about 1450oF, you can see the edges of the cut glass starting to soften and melt. At 1550oF, most glass is beginning to actually flow and behaves like syrup (extremely hot syrup!), and as its temperature continues to rise, you can actually see it moving in the kiln. This is what makes our “Super-Fuse” pendants so unique!

We’d love to take all the credit for our super-fuse pendants, but I suppose we should give some credit to this amazing material too!

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Thunderbolt Glass!

fulguriteDid you know: When lightning strikes sand, the heat sometimes fuses the sand into long, slender glass tubes called fulgurites (from the Latin fulgur meaning thunderbolt). How cool is that!?

The tubes can be up to several centimeters in diameter, and meters long. The longest fulgurite found is approximately 4.9 to 5 metres (16.1 to 16.4 ft) in length, and was found in northern Florida, USA. Their color varies depending on the composition of the sand they formed in, ranging from black or tan to green or a translucent white.

It’s interesting facts like this which makes me love glass even more! It’s such an amazing science.

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